Resources & Publications


Resources & Publications


We have access to a number of different functional subject matter experts and our resources are continually growing. Engagement of these services can then either be direct, or under the project management of The Compliance Concierge.
Our commitment is ‘if we can’t do it, we will find you someone who can.

Recent Publications:

*Calvin London. (2016). ‘Quality in the First Person: Traits of the Trade.’  Quality Progress (May).
*Calvin London & Amy Gray. (2017) ‘Do You Understand?’.  Quality Progress.  (April).
*Calvin London (2019). ‘Moments of Truth: Educational tools for codes of conduct training’.  Ethikos August Vol. 33(8).
* Calvin London (2019). ‘Getting to a functional ‘Speak up’ culture.’ Ethikos June  Vol. 33(6).
*Calvin London (2019). ‘Training foie gras: Problems with modern-day training.’ Compliance & Ethics Professional (CEP) Magazine. July Vol. 33(7).
*Calvin London (2019). ‘Sound Bytes, Training Shots and Memory Joggers.’  ethikos October Vol. 33(10).
*Calvin London (2019). ‘Hands-on recall training: New ways to recharge training.’ Compliance & Ethics Professional (CEP) Magazine.  September Vol. 33(9).
*Calvin London (2019). ‘Everyone Wants to do the Right Thing.  Really?’ Corporate Compliance Insights.  August.
* Calvin London (2019). ‘Make Training Appeal to the Inner Child.’ Compliance & Ethics Professional (CEP) Magazine. November Vol. 33(11).
*Calvin London, Reyna Comeros; An Nguyen (2020). ‘Third Party Management Review.’  Compliance Today. January Vol. 22(1)
*Calvin London, Reyna Comeros; An Nguyen (2020).  ‘Making Your Policies POP – A Policy Operationalization Process’. Compliance Today. (In press)

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