EINADW #5: Chain Them Up and Throw Away The Key

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I hate animal cruelty and despise anyone that is cruel to animals (A new member of the Dirty Dozen)


The Disgraceful Pet Groomer

Last month, a pet groomer in the town I live, was charged with the brutal handling of a dog that she was meant to be grooming.
She was caught on CCTV throwing the dog against the wall of a cage and into the bath, dragging him around by a lead, lifting him off the table by his ears, and using excessive force to hold him down.
You can google ‘Perth pet groomer fined’ if you are so inclined.


The owner of the little dog, Luffy (a Maltese Shih Tzu cross), said Luffy had bleeding around his eye, which a vet later confirmed.


Although the groomer was fiend AU$7500 (just under US$5000) and was fired from her position, she was working at another groomer three days later.
I am left in disbelief as to what sort of a sick person does this.
In the case of the groomer, how can she be allowed to resume work as a groomer after such a mistreatment?


There is no excuse for this sort of behaviour from someone in a position of responsibility, such as a groomer.  It leaves dogs with significant trauma issues after the fact.


My Own Experience

Little dogs, in particular, can suffer from anxiety.  I know my first little Shih Tzu (Tia Belle), whom I have written about before, was mistreated by a groomer.


She was a loving, placid little girl who would not hurt a fly, but after one trip to a particular groomer (the last trip, I might add), she had acute sensitivity about anyone touching her paws.  They had clearly used excessive force to hold down her feet.


Another Gutless Wonder!

My mother’s little dog, a Pomeranian, was also attacked by two bull terriers when out for a walk.  The dogs grabbed him from a gap in their fence with such force that his collar was ripped off, and he was literally half-skinned.
To the grief of my mother, there was no alternative but to put him down.


When my father returned to the property where this happened with the Ranger a couple of hours later, the hole had been boarded up, and the dogs had just had a bath (to remove any DNA from their bodies).  Of course, the gutless wonder denied anything had happened.


My mother never recovered and could not have another dog.


Last month, I wrote an article about one of my original dirty dozen (Elizabeth Holmes, who conned millions of dollars from investors).  People, like the pet groomer, jump straight into the dirty dozen as far as I am concerned.
Why? – because it is an unprovoked attack on a poor little defenseless animal by someone in a position of trust.


Animals that are abused like this cannot come home and tell you what has happened, but in most cases, they just soldier on, trying to love even those who have harmed them.
They don’t have an unethical bone in their bodies, unlike the mongrels that abuse animals.


Animal Cruelty is a Prelude to Human Cruelty

Animal cruelty is not uncommon.  In the US alone, over 10 million animals die each year from animal cruelty; dogs are the leading targets, making up nearly 65% of all recorded cases.   In Australia, up to 60,000 cases are received each year by the RSPCA relating to animal cruelty.


Violence against animals has been linked to a higher likelihood of criminal violence against people.
There may be some situations where someone is mentally disturbed and abuses animals (just as with people), but there are a much higher number of people who see it as some sick form of amusement or because they hate a particular type of animal (cats, for example).


People like the ones above should both earn ‘Dirty Dozen’ status.


For the most part, lock them up and throw away the key, I say!


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  1. I am so shocked to read this article Calvin. The annual figures for animal abuse are disgraceful and certainly much harsher penalties should be imposed to deter these mongrels.

    1. Calvin London

      Thanks for your comments Julia, I could not agree more. As long the penalties are ‘light’, there is no deterrent for bad behaviour.

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